4 Jun 2015

Labour review important process, says Little

11:02 am on 4 June 2015

The findings of a review of the Labour's 2014 election disaster came as no surprise but it had not be a waste of time or money, party leader Andrew Little says.

Andrew Little giving his Post Budget 2015 speech.

Andrew Little (file) Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

The review identified several failings, including that perceptions of internal tensions seriously undermined credibility.

It warned the status of Labour as an influential political party would be at risk if it could not boost funding.

The review also found Labour was harmed by the prospect of having to rely on other parties to form a government.

Mr Little said it was was worth doing to better prepare for the 2017 election, and for the sake of party members.

"To know that people independent of office holders of the day, who are hearing their concerns, hearing their issues and having that assembled in a report leading to recommendations that are going to the New Zealand Council ... I think it's been an important process for the party."

Former party president Mike Williams said officials did not work hard enough to bring in campaign funds.

Mr Williams said money was not everything in an election campaign but gave parties options, and unless Labour actively sought donations it was not going to get them.

"None of the senior officials would take on that task. It is hard work and it's just slog. I could remember at one stage at the beginning of the time I was president I was making 20 requests for every donation."

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