25 Jun 2010

Farmers not giving up fight against ETS

12:42 pm on 25 June 2010

Federated Farmers has given notice that it's not giving up its fight to get the Emissions Trading Scheme scrapped, even though it comes into effect on 1 July.

The federation announced at its national conference in Invercargill on Friday morning that it is launching a nationwide campaign next month called 'Switch Off'.

Federated Farmers believes the ETS will cost the economy $500 million in its first year.

President Don Nicolson says it may be a waste of money because the success of the scheme cannot be measured, which is why farmers are calling for it to be switched off.

Mr Nicolson says the ETS is not the answer to reducing the country's greenhouse gas emissions.

MAF details promised

Agriculture Minister David Carter, has agreed to supply details of MAF's calculations on how much the ETS will cost farmers.

There's been heated debate over how much the scheme will cost.

MAF's latest figures say it will cost the average dairy farmer $3300 from July, and just under $1200 for sheep and beef farmers.

Mr Carter has also given an assurance that agriculture will not be included in the scheme from 2015 if New Zealand's major trading partners have not taken steps to meet their own obligations under the Kyoto protocol.