3 Sep 2008

PM revives talk of state funding for political parties

4:01 pm on 3 September 2008

Prime Minister Helen Clark has revived talk of state funding for political parties, in the wake of the New Zealand First donations row.

Miss Clark raised the issue again, following New Zealand First's admission that it failed to declare a $25,000 donation to the party via the Spencer Trust.

Miss Clark says she takes at face value New Zealand First's explanation of human error being to blame for the failure to declare the Spencer Trust money.

She says it is just one more example of administrative procedures involving political parties being found wanting.

"The quickest way to clean up Kiwi politics is to move away from corporate funding and substantial individual giving, towards a transparent process of government-led funding, state funding for political parties."

State funding has long been Labour Party policy, but it has never found a majority in the House to progress the idea.