21 Jul 2014

ACT leader to stand in Pakuranga

7:06 pm on 21 July 2014

The ACT Party's leader has announced he will stand as a candidate in the Pakuranga electorate in September's general election.

Jamie Whyte was elected leader in February this year, after John Banks stood down from the role.

Jamie Whyte.

Jamie Whyte. Photo: RNZ

Mr Whyte said on Monday that although he will be campaigning strictly for the party vote, ACT's policies would go a long way towards making Pakuranga more prosperous and its streets and homes safer.

Meanwhile, ACT is calling for an alert on any new legislation or policies - as well as on existing agencies - to tell taxpayers how much they are costing them.

Mr Whyte told the Scenic South conference that governments in New Zealand can pass legislation that has a significant impact on government spending with few checks and balances.

He said taxpayers would be able to better appreciate the impact government spending has on them personally, if it was represented in terms of how much tax people pay.

ACT said there should be a clear indication of cost on any new policy or programme. It said new initiatives and government agencies should all have accompanying information, to let taxpayers know how much it is adding to their tax bill.