20 May 2014

National to seek RMA mandate

9:57 pm on 20 May 2014

The Prime Minister says the National Party will seek a new mandate during the election campaign to push through changes to the Resource Management Act.

The Government has shelved an overhaul of the Act until after the election, after failing to get the backing of United Future and the Maori Party.

The changes announced last year were intended to speed up the approval of subdivisions and consents for people wanting to alter their homes.

John Key said National will now campaign on the RMA reforms.

But United Future said that will be a waste of time because there is strong opposition to any weakening of environmental protections.

However, Labour says it is happy to negotiate with the Government to get parts of the stalled changes to the Resource Management Act passed.

The proposed changes are intended to speed the approval of subdivisions and consents for home alterations and extensions.

But they also change sections of the Act dealing with the use, development and protection of natural and physical resources.

Labour leader David Cunliffe on Tuesday invited the Government to consult his party on the proposed changes that will affect housing, but not those affecting the environment.