5 May 2014

Internet Party wants Govt to apologise

11:16 am on 5 May 2014

Kim Dotcom's Internet Party is calling for the government to apologise to the 88 people identified by a report last year, as possibly being monitored unlawfully by the GCSB.

Among them was Mr Dotcom, who the Government Communications Security Bureau was found to have illegally spied on, after mistaking him for a non-resident.

The Internet Party's chief executive, Vikram Kumar, says the law put the privacy and internet freedom of everyone in peril.

"There's no doubt the government acted illegally, and when the government acts illegally, it's time to say, 'sorry we got it wrong and we're drawing a line under this so we can make sure that we don't get it wrong in the future'. That's what saying sorry means."