26 Mar 2014

MPs lobbied on cyber bullies

9:29 pm on 26 March 2014

The Internet Party has lobbied MPs on a bill set to crack down on cyber bullies, saying it should have a greater focus on young people.

The Justice and Electoral select committee on Wednesday heard submissions on the Harmful Digital Communications Bill.

Under the legislation, people who post online with intent to cause harm would face up to three months in jail or a $2000 fine.

An agency would be set up to hear complaints, and unresolved cases would be referred to the district court.

Internet Party chief executive Vikram Kumar said the agency should deal only with young people.

"A lot of the harm is being done to young people, and they are less equipped to deal with that harm," Mr Kumar said.

Adults should go directly to the district court, where more nuanced topics such as free speech and human rights could be explored, he said.