24 Feb 2014

Hay has 'no regrets'

5:00 pm on 24 February 2014

Former Green Party member David Hay says he has no regrets about criticising the party's leadership even though it's resulted in his expulsion.

Last year, Mr Hay attacked the way the party was run and said he'd challenge Russel Norman as co-leader.

Mr Hay eventually pulled out of the leadership challenge but not before causing disquiet within the party after attracting negative publicity.

Russel Norman.

Russel Norman. Photo: RNZ

A Green Party panel on Monday suspended Mr Hay's membership for one year, finding his behaviour breached the party's rules.

The panel's report says Mr Hay is talented and hardworking and has sacrificed considerable time and money for the party.

But none of that excuses his behaviour in publicly attacking the party and its co-leaders.

Mr Hay says he's standing by his actions.

"I don't resile from what I said or apologise for doing it. You know, I went through a very long process over a few months of trying to deal with these issues in-house and got stonewalled at every turn.

"In the end I thought, 'well this isn't good enough, this isn't what the Green Party stands for. It's not our values, it's not our principles.'"

David Hay says the Green Party still has his vote, but he won't join it again under the current leadership.

The report notes Mr Hay says he is currently on strike and does not seem to realise the party has relieved him of any positions he held.