22 Jan 2014

Dunne denies deal over reinstatement

12:03 pm on 22 January 2014

United Future leader Peter Dunne has rejected suggestions he was reinstated as minister in exchange for supporting the government after the election.

Mr Dunne was forced to resign his ministerial posts in 2013 after he refused to fully cooperate with an inquiry into who leaked a report into the Government's spy agency.

Peter Dunne.

Peter Dunne. Photo: RNZ

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has called it a sordid deal to prop up United Future.

But Mr Dunne says that is not the case.

"Absolutely not, I think the prime minister's the sort of person that if he was faced with that situation would simply say Look I'm not going to have my arm twisted up my back like that."

He says he's ready to move forward and embrace the challenges ahead of him.

But Peters has slammed the reinstatement of Mr Dunne describing him as a serial leaker.

He told Morning Report it's a very dangerous move, as Mr Dunne's actions could still be further exposed.