4 Dec 2013

GCSB director doesn't believe US spies on NZers, but can't be sure

10:50 am on 4 December 2013

The head of the Government Communications Security Bureau does not believe the United States spies on New Zealanders, but he is not 100% sure.

GCSB director Ian Fletcher

GCSB director Ian Fletcher. Photo: RNZ

GCSB director Ian Fletcher gave the Intelligence and Security Committee that conditional assurance on Tuesday.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman asked him about documents Edward Snowden, a fugitive US whistleblower who is now in Russia, suggesting the National Security Agency spied on citizens of its allies and friends.

Mr Fletcher said he did not believe the NSA spied on New Zealanders, but he could not rule out their electronic information being monitored if it went through the United States.