26 Sep 2013

No easy answers on Syria - Key

2:36 pm on 26 September 2013

Syrian conflict is a tough issue to which there are no easy answers, Prime Minister John Key says.

Mr Key's comments come ahead of United Nations Security Council discussions on Syria on Friday, as the big powers continue to pressure it to stick to the agreement to hand over its chemical weapons.

Mr Key is in New York for the UN General Assembly and is spending most of his time lobbying other leaders to support New Zealand's bid to secure a place on the security council.

Syria had come up in all his meetings with other leaders but New Zealand would have a much greater say if it got on to the council, Mr Key said.

"I think in every bi-lateral we've had, pretty much, Syria has been a topic of conversation," he said.

"People can see through our actions of terms of the way we aligned ourselves to the St Petersburg Communique and what came out of the Pacific Forum broadly where New Zealand sits.

"Like everybody, it's a tough issue that we need to try and find a way through. There's no easy answers to Syria."

Syria was a worry for all leaders at the UN General Assembly, Mr Key said.