9 Jun 2013

Pressure grows over spy report leak

3:26 pm on 9 June 2013

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has ramped up the pressure on United Future MP Peter Dunne and the Prime Minister to act on the GCSB inquiry leak, but John Key's office says Mr Dunne has paid a heavy price and that is where the matter lies.

Mr Dunne resigned as a Government minister on Friday following an inquiry into the leaking of a report into the Government Communications Security Bureau in April.

The inquiry found communications between Mr Dunne and the journalist to whom the report was leaked, that included references to the report's release.

Mr Dunne has refused to release to the inquiry all 86 emails between himself and a Fairfax Media reporter, but insists he did not leak the report.

However, Mr Peters told Radio New Zealand News on Sunday he has information which proves Mr Dunne not only leaked the GCSB report before its scheduled release, but also other classified documents.

He said it's the prime minister's job to get his hands on the emails and reveal the truth and he wants Mr Key to launch a formal inquiry.

Mr Peters did not rule out releasing the information himself, but said it should come from Mr Key and not from someone outside the Government.

A spokeswoman for Mr Key says Mr Dunne has resigned as a minister as a result of his own actions.

She says the Prime Minister's office has not provided any further comment.

Questions over career remain

Former Labour Party president Mike Williams said Peter Dunne's political career is over and he should leave Parliament quickly.

But former National Party president Michelle Boag said Mr Dunne has done nothing criminal.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman also said Mr Dunne has done nothing criminal and there is no need for him to leave Parliament.

Prime Minister John Key ordered the inquiry after Fairfax Media was shown a copy of the report by Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Kitteridge a week before Mr Key was due to release it.