23 Sep 2012

Conservatives still to declare intentions on Epsom

2:15 pm on 23 September 2012

The Conservative Party has wrapped up its first annual conference with its plans regarding the strategic Epsom electorate still undecided.

The party says it might contest the seat now held by ACT leader John Banks at the next election but it is much too soon to say.

Economically conservative Epsom has been able up until now to strengthen the hand of National by voting strategically for an ACT party constituent MP.

ACT's demise is being widely predicted, but the Conservative Party says it is too soon to say it would fill that vacuum.

Mr Craig thinks his party has already taken most of the votes it can from ACT.

He says he is not interested in cups of tea or backroom deals and aims to meet the 5% threshold to get list MPs on the party's own terms.