20 Sep 2012

Dotcom went public after 'hurt feelings' over Banks

3:40 pm on 20 September 2012

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom says he went public over the John Banks donations scandal because he felt the MP betrayed what he believed to be a close friendship.

Mr Dotcom, a German national who has New Zealand residency, paid a surprise visit to Parliament on Wednesday where he shared his thoughts on the donation scandal, Mr Banks and the Prime Minister.

Kim Dotcom after a visit to Parliament.

Kim Dotcom after a visit to Parliament. Photo: RNZ

The Opposition is continuing to pursue the ACT Party leader and government minister over two $25,000 donations that Mr Banks declared as anonymous.

Kim Dotcom told reporters his reason for going public about the donations was when Mr Banks denied knowing him well after he was arrested on charges of internet piracy and copyright infringements.

Mr Dotcom says they had struck up by what he thought was a close friendship and his feelings were hurt.

"I would say I was hurt, because I think that it is not the right thing to do. I wouldn't let a friend down, even if something happens to him that is tragic and he might not be useful to me anymore. I would stand by the friend and try to help."

John Banks has the continued backing of Prime Minister John Key, who says he takes his minister at his word that he has not breached the law.

But Kim Dotcom questions the behaviour of not only Mr Banks, but also Mr Key.

"If my leadership would not uphold high ethical standards, I would worry what else is lingering in the dark that I don't know about. And as a voter, I would certainly consider who to give my vote at the next election."

Kim Dotcom says he acknowledges it has been a tough time for Mr Banks and he personally would like to move on. However, he says he still believes Mr Banks should not hold a ministerial position.