24 Jul 2012

MPs confident their bills will get to select committee

4:16 pm on 24 July 2012

Two Labour MPs are confident they have the numbers to send their members' bills on paid parental leave and the 'Monday-isation' of public holidays to a select committee.

National plans to oppose the bills when they come up for their first reading in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.

Finance Minister Bill English has already said he will use his power of financial veto to scuttle the paid parental leave bill, if it reaches a third reading.

The bill, in the name of Sue Maroney would extend the paid parental leave scheme from 14 to 26 weeks.

Mr English says it would cost too much.

Ms Moroney says the Green Party, New Zealand First, Mana, United Future and the Maori Party will support the bill, so it will still go to a select committee.

She says National should keep an open mind on the bill during the select committee process.

Monday-isation will boost economy - Clark

David Clark says his members' bill 'Monday-ising' public holidays will boost the economy if it becomes law.

The Tourism Industry Association is backing the bill, which it says would stimulate domestic tourism by creating a long weekend when ANZAC Day or Waitangi Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

Mr Clark says he has enough support from other parties to send it to a select committee.

"The benefit to the economy comes from domestic tourism and also from having rested workers. The cost to employers is likely to be minimal the Government's estimate has it boiling down to 13 cents per worker per day. I think that's an overstated figure."