17 Jun 2012

NZ First calls for four-year terms for MPs

7:03 am on 17 June 2012

New Zealand First is calling for the Parliamentary term to be extended from three to four years.

Party members have passed a policy supporting the move during their annual conference at Palmerston North on Saturday.

Asenati Lole-Taylor MP said the Parliamentary term should be extended by a year to allow an elected Government time to bed-in policy.

She said New Zealand First has been back in Parliament for only eight months, and as a new MP three years is not enough time for her to advocate for the party.

Ms Lole Taylor said a four-year term would give the party and its MPs time to explore in detail the policies that a Government introduces.

A party member, Denis Taylor, told the conference that over a 20 year period, the need for fewer general elections would save more than $100 million.