23 Jul 2011

Families to see enhanced images from mine

9:02 am on 23 July 2011

The families of the men who died in the Pike River mine are to be shown enhanced images from inside the mine on Saturday.

Twenty-nine men died in an explosion in the West Coast mine on 19 November. None of the bodies have been recovered.

In May, police showed the families images of what were possibly two bodies in separate locations, as well as self-rescue boxes that appeared to be open.

The images have since been electronically enhanced.

A spokesperson for the families, Bernie Monk, who's son died in the explosions, says it's very important for the families to see the enhanced images.

He says police have told him a camera has been down bore hole 45 - the last bore hole to be drilled. He says the footage from it could reveal a lot.

Mr Monk says meetings are being held on Saturday in Greymouth and Christchurch, where the police will show the pictures to family members.