13 Feb 2019

Ship runs aground off Solomons coast

1:02 pm on 13 February 2019

A ship has run aground off the southern coast of the Solomon Islands and officials say bad weather is hampering efforts to salvage the vessel.

The MV Solomon Trader on the reef

The MV Solomon Trader on the reef Photo: Supplied

Shipping agent Tony Saliga said the MV Solomon Trader hit the reefs in Kangava Bay off Rennell Island on 5 February.

He said the vessel was loading bauxite from a nearby mine owned by the Bintan Mining Corporation when the incident happened.

Mr Saliga said the strong winds and rough seas may have pulled the ship towards the reef.

He said there had been some damage to the reef, but added the vessel wasn't listing and there was no oil spill.

Mr Saliga said efforts to salvage the ship were being made by the insurers, the shipping company that chartered the vessel and the mining company.