12 Jul 2018

Signs NZ Pasifika anti-violence programme working

5:06 pm on 12 July 2018

Since the recent launch of a national violence prevention programme in New Zealand, the number of Pasifika people reaching out for help has been on the rise.

Both stand by organisation banner in front of bright wall art

Monique Faleafa Photo: RNZ / Philippa Tolley

Atu Mai is the first national programme of its kind aimed specifically at Pasifika people, and is a collaboration between New Zealand's Accident Compensation Corporation, Pacific organisation Le Va and consulting group Synergia.

Research by Atu Mai found that while young Pasifika people are more than three times as likely to experience family violence and twice as likely to experience sexual abuse as Pakeha children, they're less likely to report it.

Since its launch two weeks ago, Le Va's CEO, Monique Faleafa said they'd received a flood of calls from people wanting to share their stories and seek help.

"There is certainly a sense of urgency for this programme. We know that the statistics aren't pretty and to sort of make matters worse, most sexual harm and family violence experienced by Pasifika young people are not reported to police."