Sport: Tahiti call on Swiss coach to fix beach soccer slump

2:52 pm on 26 October 2016

Swiss beach soccer coach Angelo Schirinzi is back with the Tahiti team as they attempt to halt a five match losing streak.

Schirinzi led the Tiki Toa to a fourth-placed finish at the 2013 World Cup in Tahiti, and in his absence the Oceania champs followed that up with a runners-up finish in Portugal last year.

Schirinzi returned as Tahiti made it to the final of last year's Intercontinental Cup in Dubai, where they were outclassed in the deciding match 5-2 against world number one Russia.

Tahiti players at the Beach Soccer World Cup.

Tahiti celebrate a goal at the 2015 World Cup. Photo: Tahiti Football

"It was a nice tournament - only the final we played very bad. We won against Portugal in the first match, we won against Mexico I remember, Iran and then we were in the final against Russia and there we played very bad - I don't know why, maybe everybody was nervous," he said.

"But this year we have a new situation. We have some players injured, Heimanu Taiarui - the best player in the world - he had a fracture on his right toe and we have also Li Fung Kuee, he was in France for his job so he could not train, so we have a new situation now and some new guys so it will be very difficult this time."

"It's not so easy like three or two years ago but for this (they) asked me if I can prepare them for one week in Dubai and then maybe discuss the plans for the future how they can again rise up and improve a little bit," Schirinzi said.

"They asked me because they were a little bit in difficulty. They had some defeats: they were in Japan and they lost two matches, they were in San Diego they lost three matches there and (Tahiti Football) asked me if I can help out to bring them again on the road."

Angelo Schirinzi will return to his job as coach of the Swiss national team after next month's Intercontinental Cup but said he was in regular contact with the Tahiti side.

Both countries have already qualified for the World Cup in the Bahamas in April.

Tahiti thank their home fans at the 2013 Beach Soccer World Cup in Papeete

Tahiti thank their home fans at the 2013 Beach Soccer World Cup in Papeete Photo: AFP