PNG MP has no confidence in O'Neill Govt

6:16 am on 18 July 2016

A prominent Papua New Guinea MP said his loss of confidence in the Government led to his crossing the floor to the opposition.

Parliament sat on Friday for the tabling of a motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, before being adjourned until this Friday when a vote will take place.

While there, Bire Kimisopa and his three New Generation Party MPs, as well as government minister Ben Micah and his People's Progress Party, crossed the floor to join the opposition.

Mr Kimisopa said the state of the economy, nationwide protests, and the prime minister's evasion of a corruption investigation led to his decision to cross the floor.

"It's a culmination of a number of things; political, social and just the complete disrespect for the rule of law and also, I think, a move by our citizens right across the country demanding that there is a change of political direction."

"So our party has decided that it needs to heed the call from our people and make that move appropriately," he said.