28 Oct 2014

TVNZ Pacific presenter upbeat on outsourcing

7:29 am on 28 October 2014

A presenter for Television New Zealand's Tagata Pasifika says the company's decision to outsource their production could be a good opportunity for the programme.

Last week TVNZ announced that their Maori and Pacific Islands shows will be produced by private companies from next year onwards.

The channel's Pacific Island current affairs programme is now in its 27th year.

Marama T-Pole said staff were surprised by the announcement and concerned with what it could mean long-term, but she believes it could open up fresh ideas for the future.

I think change is always good and especially for us being such a small industry. I think it's great to have this happen despite it being a surprise. I think this will also be good news for Tagata Pasifika and for the Pacific community.

Tagata Pasifika Presenter, Marama T-Pole.