29 Sep 2014

27 women lining up for elections in Solomons

3:46 pm on 29 September 2014

Solomon Islands National Council of Women says 27 aspiring women politicians are intending to contest the National Elections in later this year.

The Council's Women in Leadership Officer, Casper Faasala, says all of the intending candidates have gone through leadership training and will receive mentoring in the build up to the elections.

Solomon Islands is one of the worst ranked countries for female representation in parliament with only 2 women parliametarians elected in 36 years of Independence.

But Mr Faasala says perceptions are changing in the country and the current batch of women is receiving more support than seen in past elections.

"There is more language of inclusiveness and development that we are giving here for the women. And certainly if all Solomon Islanders would understand those, but more especially if women support women now, we will certainly see some tangible results coming out from these national general elections"

Women in Leadership officer, Casper Faasala

The 14 day nomination period for candidates will open once the official date for the elections is announced.