24 Sep 2014

Grouper off menu at Fiji's InterContinental

9:11 pm on 24 September 2014

Fiji's InterContinental resort says it has stopped serving the fish grouper during its peak breeding months, hoping to revive the declining fish stock.

Executive Chef Nicholas de Visch says the decision to take the fish off the menu was prompted by an approach from the group '4FJ Pledge' who are lobbying for the fish to be spared while it spawns between June and September, in an effort to boost stocks in Fiji waters.

He says he hopes other restaurants and resorts will realise it's now time to be more cautious about what guests are being served.

"We have plenty of other varieties of fish in the ocean and by keeping that variety from other species we are still maintaining a good diversity on our menu as well."

Fiji InterContinental Executive Chef, Nicholas de Visch.