9 Sep 2014

Discord over New Caledonia electoral lists

3:55 pm on 9 September 2014

A main pro-independence party in New Caledonia has warned that it may pull out of next month's talks in Paris to discuss the implementation of the Noumea Accord.

This comes after the party, the Caledonian Union, stayed away from this week's discussions at the French High Commission aimed at finding an agreement on the electoral lists for the independence referendum.

The make-up of the lists is hotly contested and some Kanak parties say they have been riddled with errors that have also tainted this year's provincial elections.

There has been no agreement on the issue which is one of the topics to be discussed when New Caledonian leaders meet the French prime minister, Manuel Valls.

New Caledonia is in its last phase of the 1998 Accord on greater autonomy and its Congress is tasked with organising an independence referendum by 2018.