28 May 2014

Churches want Fiji to take lead on decolonisation

7:16 am on 28 May 2014

The Pacific Conference of Churches is calling on Fiji's government to act as a leader for decolonisation efforts in the region.

At a regional seminar of the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonisation in Nadi last week, Fiji's Prime Minister, Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama, reaffirmed his country's support for the Kanak people of New Caledonia.

The PCC's general secretary, Reverend Francois Pihaatae, says the position taken by Fiji was a refreshing reminder of what the region's stand on self-determination should be.

However, he says Mr Bainimarama only mentioned the Kanaks, and failed to mention the plight of other territories in the region.

"Fiji can take the lead for other countries, like Maohi Nui, Guam, Rapa Nui and all others like West Papua. because I think Fiji's the one who can, on behalf others, take the lead."

The Pacific Conference of Churches general secretary, Francois Pihaatae.