15 Apr 2014

Preparation for more aftershocks in Solomon Islands

4:32 am on 15 April 2014

The premiere of Makira province in Solomon Islands says people are preparing for more aftershocks and the potential threat of a tsunami.

Makira is the province closest to the epicentre of a 7.4-magnitude quake which struck on Sunday night, hours after a 7.6-magnitude tremor.

Thomas Weape says the community has been advised that aftershocks will continue for some time.

He says many people are feeling anxious, so have set up plastic tents in the hills.

"Some old people, and some people who are not able to walk up, run fast, some of them [are] determined to stay up there until the warning is completely out. But most people are just living down here in their homes and when the situation is worrying, like there is an earthquake, they have to move, fast, up the hill to their tents."

Thomas Weape says there has been no major damage or casualties in the province.

He says he has not heard from some isolated communities, but believes if there were any major problems they would have communicated with the authorities by two-way radio.