3 Dec 2008

American Samoa hospital officials upset over Health department's response to dengue

11:43 am on 3 December 2008

Hospital officials in American Samoa are upset over what they perceive as a weak response by the Health Department to combatting the fast spreading dengue fever.

Staff at the LBJ hospital, who did not wish to be named, have told KHJ News that dengue is now reaching epidemic proportions but the Health Department's approach to it is too laidback.

One senior official says the hospital couldn't sustain the capacity of medication needed, including IV fluids, Tylenol and manpower to take care of those who have contracted dengue.

He says the department should carry out a massive public relations campaign to wipe out breeding places for mosquitoes.

Two doctors says that hospital emergency services have been crowded day and night for the last few weeks with dengue sufferers.

They say this is taking a toll on staff and on medical supplies.