21 Feb 2012

Police cleared in Hamilton incident

9:33 pm on 21 February 2012

An internal police investigation has cleared Hamilton police of misconduct after an Asian tourist accused officers of injuring her while using excessive force in arresting her.

Naiju Li, 56, says she was rugby tackled by four officers, leaving her with a dislocated elbow and a cut to her cheek.

Superintendent Win van der Velde says police were called when Mrs Li became irrational when she discovered her car had been towed from a supermarket carpark and confronted the tow truck driver.

Superintendent van der Velde says Mrs Li sustained a cut cheek and a dislocated elbow when she resisted arrest.

He says witnesses refuted the claim she was tackled by officers and he is confident the matter was dealt with professionally by the staff involved.

Mrs Li was charged with disorderly behaviour and minor assault, but was let off with a warning.