21 Feb 2012

Parole denied to Michael Choy's murderers

9:33 pm on 21 February 2012

Parole has been denied to the two main offenders involved in the murder of pizza delivery man Michael Choy in 2001.

Whatarangi Rawiri, 27, and Alexander Peihopa, 33, have been serving life sentences for the murder.

Mr Choy was beaten with a baseball bat in South Auckland, and died the next day in hospital.

The Parole Board says Peihopa, who wielded the bat, has been well behaved, compliant and hardworking. However, it has decided a normal reintegration process should continue.

The board says Rawiri has more work to do, but is on the right path, and will continue in her role as a prison cook.

Rawiri and Peihopa were two of six young people involved in the murder.

The others, who were charged with manslaughter, have since been released from prison, except for Phillip Kaukasi.