21 Feb 2012

Resident says hotel videos breached privacy

7:24 pm on 21 February 2012

A resident at a Wellington hotel says it has violated the privacy of its tenants by posting pictures and videos from security cameras on Facebook.

But the hotel, which mainly provides accommodation for university students, says it posted the pictures only at the request of other residents.

A tenant at the Hotel St George, Chris Townsend, says he told the hotel manager two months ago he was unhappy about security camera footage being posted on its Facebook page, only to find a video of him in the hotel common room on the site a few days ago.

Mr Townsend says the St George is full of young students and tourists and it is inappropriate for the hotel to record and publish footage without their knowledge.

The hotel says it posts the footage only at the request of residents, and took down the video of Mr Townsend when he complained.

It says it has not removed any other footage and plans to continue posting videos on Facebook.

A lawyer who specialises in privacy, John Edwards, says the hotel has an obligation to warn residents the security camera footage could be posted online.