20 Feb 2012

Horse dies after being dragged behind vehicle

3:57 pm on 20 February 2012

Three separate investigations are underway after a horse tethered to a training vehicle fell and died, and was dragged along a beach in Dunedin for about 1 kilometre.

Pat Brambor, who was walking on Waikouaiti Beach on Saturday, says she saw a ute driving along the beach with a team of horses behind it.

She says she was horrified when a horse in the middle of the team fell and was dragged for about 1 kilometre before the driver of the training vehicle stopped.

The dead animal was later removed by a tractor.

Ms Brambor has complained to police and the SPCA who are both investigating, along with Harness Racing New Zealand.

The horse trainer involved, Bruce Negus, believes the young horse had a heart attack and collapsed, but its fall was not noticed by the staff member driving the ute.

He says it was his mistake for letting the two-year-old horse train with older, stronger horses and he takes full responsibility for what happened.