15 Feb 2012

Triple rapist denied parole

8:31 am on 15 February 2012

An Iraqi refugee sentenced to prison for a series of sex crimes has had a parole application refused.

Akeel Al Baiiaty, 42, is serving preventive detention for raping a student in a hostel in Porirua in 2004, after being paroled for two other rapes and an assault.

The hostel was not told he was on parole for sex crimes.

The Parole Board says a release won't be considered until he has been through the adult sex offenders treatment programme.

Al Baiiaty no longer denies any of his offending. He is still deemed to pose a moderate to high risk of reoffending. He arrived in New Zealand in 1994 and became a New Zealand citizen.

When he's eventually released, he will be immediately deported to Iraq. His citizenship has now been revoked.