11 Feb 2012

Dotcom co-accused bailed

6:34 am on 11 February 2012

Another of Kim Dotcom's co-accused has been granted bail, but can't leave prison until Monday 13 February because of electronic monitoring conditions.

Mr Dotcom and three others are facing multiple charges in what has been described as the world's biggest internet piracy case.

The man in charge of Mega Upload's advertising sales, Finn Batato, was given bail in late January but had to remain in prison until bail conditions were agreed on.

Mr Batato will be bailed to the same address as his co-accused, Mega Upload's chief programmer, Bram van der Kolk, who was bailed yesterday.

However, as part of Mr Batato's bail conditions he must be electronically monitored, and must stay in jail over the weekend to allow for time to set up the device.