8 Feb 2012

Convicted killer now out of prison

6:38 pm on 8 February 2012

A man jailed for killing his estranged wife, whose body has never been found, is now out of prison.

James Dahlberg, now aged 70, was jailed in 1992 for the murder of Ann Urquhart.

Her bloodstained clothes were found in the Golden Downs Forest near Nelson in October 1991.

Dahlberg has always maintained his innocence and the Parole Board says he professes an inability to help find her body.

In December, the board granted Dahlberg's release, saying he has worked on his release and relapse prevention plan and seems to have a greater appreciation of high-risk situations.

The Corrections Department confirms Dahlberg was released on Wednesday, subject to six parole conditions, including that he never enters the Nelson area.