20 Jan 2012

NZ one of 'most expensive' destinations

7:55 am on 20 January 2012

An American travel blogger has described his shock at high food prices in New Zealand.

Alastair Bland, a freelance writer for the award-winning Smithsonian magazine, says he's travelled to 42 countries and this one ranks among the most expensive.

Mr Bland, who is from San Francisco, has told his readers about trout fishing and possum hunting, but has also bemoaned what he says are surprisingly high food prices.

He says onions and garlic are about five times more expensive than in the United States - and apricots up to 14 times dearer.

Although Mr Bland says the country is not for people looking for a cheap holiday, he is thinking about extending his two-week stay by another fortnight.

"The landscape is amazing, the people are friendly. You pay a little more for a few things but the price is worth it."