15 Jul 2008

High Court told murder accused has told too many lies

2:53 pm on 15 July 2008

The Crown says a samurai swordsman charged with murder is telling so many lies he is having trouble remembering the truth.

Antonie Dixon, 40, faces eight charges at the High Court in Auckland, including murder, kidnapping and wounding with intent to cause grievous harm in 2003. He began giving evidence on Monday morning.

Renee Gunbie and Simonne Butler were seriously wounded with a samurai sword in 2003. James Te Aute was shot.

The accused claims God told him to kill the women, but prosecutor Simon Moore says he has made so much up that he does not know the truth any more.

Throughout cross-examination on Tuesday morning, the accused repeatedly avoided questions from Mr Moore, saying he did not trust him.

Mr Moore asked him why, if God had told him to kill the women, he did not mention that to anyone on the day of the attack.

In reply, he said that everyone was against him and he did not know who to trust.