5 Jan 2012

Gisborne police officer bitten by man

5:02 pm on 5 January 2012

Police in Gisborne are concerned an officer may be at risk of infection after being bitten by a man as he investigated a disturbance.

Senior Sergeant Maui Aben says two officers were confronted and threatened while at a call-out on Thursday morning to a house in Dalrymple Road in the city.

One officer was punched in the face and then bitten on the neck and leg.

Mr Aben says the bites broke the officer's skin and he was taken to Gisborne Hospital to have his wounds treated and to undergo bloods tests to check he had not contracted any infections.

He says the officer is recovering from what Mr Aben describes as a sudden and violent attack.

He will be off work for several days.

A 26-year-old Gisborne man has been arrested in connection with the incident and was to appear in the Gisborne District Court on Thursday.