4 Jan 2012

Call for more median barriers on narrow highways

8:46 am on 4 January 2012

A leading motoring commentator says median barriers are a proven way to reduce road crashes and more are needed on New Zealand's narrow state highways.

The official holiday period on the roads began at 4pm on 23 December and ended at 6am on Wednesday with an unconfirmed death toll of 18 compared with 12 last year.

The editor of the online car review magazine The Dog and Lemon Guide says the reduced speed tolerance policy used over the holiday period is not working and the high road toll proves it.

Clive Matthew-Wilson says people in future will look back in horror at the situation on the country's roads at present.

Mr Matthew-Wilson says since barriers were installed on the Centennial Highway on the Kapiti Coast there have been no road deaths.

Newly-appointed Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee will not be drawn on whether any new money will be spent on median barriers, but says they come at a significant cost.