29 Dec 2011

Tuwhare crib now on the market

7:11 am on 29 December 2011

Efforts to buy the home of the late poet Hone Tuwhare have suffered a setback, with the property now listed for sale.

Mr Tuwhare, who died in 2008, was a long-time resident of Kaka Point in South Otago.

The Hone Tuwhare Charitable Trust has been fund-raising to buy the crib for use as a writers' residence, which it says would be the first of its type for a Maori writer.

It says Mr Tuwhare's family and people there have been patient as the money was sought, but because of financial pressures the family can't delay the sale any longer.

Trust chair Matt Shirtcliffe says it's disappointing, but he's hopeful someone will step forward and buy the crib for the trust or sell it to them once they raise the necessary funds.