10 Dec 2011

Protest over Housing New Zealand evictions

2:36 pm on 10 December 2011

Residents angry at a move to evict more than 100 people living in Housing New Zealand homes in the Auckland suburb of Glenn Innes have gathered to protest.

About 100 people marched up Queen Street to Aotea Square on Saturday afternoon.

Residents will have to move out of 156 Housing New Zealand homes in Glenn Innes as part of the Tamaki Transformation Programme.

Some 260 new homes will be built, of which Housing New Zealand will own 78.

Thirty nine will be owned by other community housing providers and the remainder will be for private sale.

The project is a partnership between central government agencies, local government and the private sector.

Among the protestors was one resident who says she and her husband of 87 have lived in Glen Innes for 40 years and don't want to be forced to move out.

Another resident says the Tamaki Transformtion Programme is ruining lives rather than improving them.