16 Nov 2011

Occupy Auckland protesters staying put

9:59 pm on 16 November 2011

Protesters camping out in Auckland's Aotea Square have voted to remain at the site, despite being warned they will be treated as trespassers by Auckland Council.

The Occupy Auckland group is part of a worldwide protest against corporate greed and wealth.

Auckland Council told the group on Monday to leave immediately, or face legal action.

But the group voted unanimously on Wednesday evening to remain on the site.

Police have said they will not act on the council-issued trespass notices.

Auckland Council says councillors will meet on Thursday to discuss the next step.

A protester said earlier the group might move to Albert Park if it was forced to leave Aotea Square.

In Wellington, protesters camping in Civic Square met on Wednesday night to consider Wellington City Council's request for a date for them to end their occupation.

They decided not to set a date.

In Dunedin, trespass notices have already been served on protesters camping in the Octagon.

They are yet to respond to the council's offer of allowing them to retain a symbolic tent and information kiosk on the central city site.