1 Nov 2011

Nearly half NZers have just - or not - enough

7:23 pm on 1 November 2011

A new survey has found just under half of all New Zealanders have either just enough or not enough money to meet everyday needs.

And a third have a problem with the size, dampness or heating of their homes.

The information comes in the latest New Zealand general social survey by Statistics New Zealand.

While overall satisfaction levels are found to be high, when broken down the figures reveal significant problems.

They show people of prime working age are more likely to have problems with their house or flat than either young adults or the elderly.

Levels of dissatisfaction also rise for people living in rental accommodation or heading single-parent households.

Statistics New Zealand says the research shows New Zealanders, like Canadians and Swedes, are happier than economic figures suggest they should be.

The research is part of a move towards broad-ranging economic reporting developed by, among others, US economist Joseph Stiglitz.

Statistics New Zealand says its research is still at the early stage, with much data still to be analysed.