2 Oct 2011

Lomu's kidney fails

12:50 pm on 2 October 2011

Jonah Lomu says his kidney has failed and doctors say there's only a slim chance the organ will survive.

The former All Black has been in Auckland hospital for over a week, where he is having dialysis every day.

In an exclusive interview, his wife Nadene told the New Zealand Woman's Weekly that test results were supposed to show whether he needed to be on the transplant list again, but have shown no clear answers.

She said doctors are trying a range of treatments to see if the kidney can be revived.

Lomu said he was about to leave for a function on 23 September when he ''crashed''. His kidney was failing and his body started to shut down.

He was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

''My kidney needs a rest, then it needs to wake up and start working,'' he told the Woman's Weekly. "It needs to fight."

Lomu, 36, has had kidney problems since 1995. He received a transplant in 2004.

Lomu made his All Black debut against France in 1994.

Nadene Lomu says he's very sick, but the family is thankful he's still alive.

Boxing event

Lomu is still the star drawcard for the Fight For Life boxing event on 3 December.

Co-promoter Dean Lonergan says he's extremely concerned about Lomu's health.

However, he says that until he is told differently, Lomu is still on the cards for the match.