30 Jan 2009

New apple variety bred from Braeburn and Royal Gala

1:28 pm on 30 January 2009

Braeburn and Royal Gala apples have been cross-bred to produce a new apple variety.

The as-yet-unnamed variety was bred by scientists from HortResearch, now part of the Institute of Plant & Food Research.

It's not the first time the Crown research institute has developed a new cultivar using these varieties: the jazz apple was developed by breeding Braeburn and Royal Gala.

The company which holds the rights to the domestic market for the new variety, T Seventeen Ltd, says the fruit is different from other apples and is suited to a range of palettes.

Chairman John McCliskie says the apple, currently known only as PremA17, will be given a new name later this year. It should be on supermarket shelves in around three years.