4 May 2011

Parole hearing deferred for child killer

4:19 pm on 4 May 2011

A man who abducted and murdered a six-year-old Christchurch girl will not get another parole hearing until 2013.

Peter Joseph Holdem, who is now 54, took Louisa Damodran as she walked home from school in 1986.

He had previously been jailed for abducting and attempting to murder another girl.

A Parole Board ruling released on Wednesday afternoon says although he is a very compliant prisoner, Holdem remains at very high risk of further sexual offending.

Holdem is said to have complex treatment needs, which may mean he needs a prison transfer to allow for one-on-one psychological help.

In light of that, the Parole Board has enforced a two-year postponement order, meaning Holdem is unable to seek his freedom until April 2013.