31 Mar 2011

Call-centre relocation expected to create 125 jobs

3:00 pm on 31 March 2011

Vodafone says 125 jobs will be created by the shift of its mobile customer centre back to New Zealand.

The phone company says mobile customers have been calling its Egypt base since 2007 - but that will change from May.

It says it always planned to move the centre back, so the move is not because of the current unrest in the Middle East and North Africa.

Service director Kelly Moore says they're consolidating all their New Zealand contact-centre operations with the aim of getting closer to customers.

She says about 125 jobs will be created in Auckland - adding to the 500 people already working at Vodafone's three centres there.

The Egyptian operation has been the company's only overseas call centre.

Labour's communications and IT spokesperson, Clare Curran, has welcomed the move, saying it shows foresight, responsibility and leadership to the rest of the telecommunications industry and the rest of New Zealand.