26 Feb 2011

Heathcote resident pleads for help

3:43 pm on 26 February 2011

A man who lives in Heathcote Valley is urging the authorities not to ignore the suburb, which was badly affected by the earthquake.

Chris Fenton estimates up to 70% of the homes in Heathcote are uninhabitable.

Roof tiles and the front windows of his home were shattered and the house was shifted forward off its foundations.

Mr Fenton says power has not been restored, there is no water and people are camping in the nearby domain.

He says residents have not seen emergency service personnel in the area and he fears they have forgotten about the suburb.

Mr Fenton says he has only seen small pieces about Heathcote in the newspaper and he does not know whether people realise how bad the situation there is.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said there are concerns from the east of the city where residents are feeling increasing isolated, but that a huge number of people are still working to get the infrastructure up and running.

Mr Parker said the scale of the work ahead is immense.