5 Feb 2011

16 arrests at Rugby 7s event

10:22 am on 5 February 2011

Police arrested 16 people and evicted 76 at the IRB Rugby Sevens tournament in Wellington on Friday.

They say they are relatively happy with this level of offending at a major event.

Many of the arrests were for disorder and offensive behaviour, but some were for drug possession and three were for streakers who invaded the rugby pitch.

The 76 people who were evicted from the stadium included 16 who tried to smuggle alcohol into the grounds.

There were 18 arrests in Wellington overnight as 7s fans headed to the central city to party. Most were for disorderly behaviour and assaults.

Acting Inspector Scott Miller says five people were arrested in one incident, which escalated when other people began interfering with police trying to calm the crowds.

He said people should keep away from incidents that don't concern them.