30 Jan 2011

NZ embassy in Cairo suffers minor damage in unrest

10:01 pm on 30 January 2011

The New Zealand embassy building in Cairo has suffered some minor damage from the civil unrest but will open on Monday.

There are 282 New Zealanders registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade as being in Egypt.

MFAT says the ground floor of the embassy building was damaged by demonstrators.

But it says it has no concerns for the safety of about a dozen embassy staff who will be on duty on Monday.

The embassy has already been contacted for advice by New Zealanders who have had their travel plans disrupted by the on-going unrest.

MFAT is advising against all tourist and non-essential travel to Egypt due to the demonstrations.

It also says New Zealanders in Egypt with concerns about the security situation should consider leaving if it is safe to do so.

The ministry is telling New Zealanders in Egypt to avoid areas where protests are occurring, to monitor local news reports, and to ensure they follow the instructions of local authorities, including complying with any curfews.

It also says communication links in Egypt have been disrupted so it could be difficult for people in this country to contact friends and family in Egypt.